Bio Control ICON

The ICON does more than track whether surfaces are clean

DNA Shoe Concept

What if your shoe was based on your anatomy + biomechanics

Xbox One

Microsoft partners with Pensar for mechanical integration and execution


We are designers and engineers working in sync to turn complex problems into elegant products and interfaces. Our focus is on our Clients' goals and our greatest sense of accomplishment comes from exceeding our Clients' expectations.

Xbox Kinect

Pensar's partnership with Microsoft continues with the new Xbox Kinect

Illumagear Halo Light

See and be seen in low light conditions

Xbox 360

Engineered to be smaller, sleeker and as quiet as ever

Fluke LDM

We designed a family of laser distance meters that strengthens the Fluke brand

Xbox Speed Wheel

Race to your heart's content with this wireless, motion-sensing controller

Press: Duo Gamer Pro

Duo Gamer Pro was featured in ID Magazine's online gallery and ID Served

Pensar office wins INAward

Our space won an INawards award for the Design In Mass category!

Gunnar Optiks

Performance-enhancing eyewear of the digital generation


Pensar helped Microsoft's New Product Innovation group bring Surface to life

Design for Disassembly

The iron was on, but the plate was cool to the touch. The realization set in...

Premium Banking Kiosk

Concepts for an interactive retail kiosk

Sonosite MTurbo

Pensar was tasked with making the MTurbo bulletproof

Xbox 360 Slim

Developing the best gaming console in existence is what we do every day

Physio-Control Lifepak 15

Physio-Control's Lifepak line of mobile defibrillators

Quinton 9500/9550

Complete redesign of Quinton's industry-leading stress cart

Duo Gamer Light

Changing the mobile gaming experience

Duo Gamer Arcade

Designing the next generation of arcade gaming for iOS